Smart grid startup PowerHub expands in Blacksburg

April 11, 2012


Montgomery County, Va.
Economic Development Department

PowerHub Systems

Montgomery County, Virginia - PowerHub Systems – a developer of interoperable distributed power conversion and energy storage systems for utility smart grid compliant applications – is expanding its headquarters in the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg. The company will grow to 2,800 square-feet in Research Building VII and has the potential to create additional new jobs in Montgomery County as demand for its product grows.

“As PowerHub Systems expands only a few years after its founding, I congratulate the company on its great success in Montgomery County,” said Governor McDonnell. “The highly educated workforce in the region combined with the opportunities for research and collaboration at the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center provide a great recipe for continued growth and success.”

PowerHub Systems – a spin-off of Blacksburg-based VPT Inc. – was cofounded in 2008 by Drs. Glenn Skutt and Jack Lesko. The company’s “smart battery” energy storage units enable utility providers to integrate intermittent renewable energy sources - like residential solar and wind - into the power grid.

In February, PowerHub’s first Community Energy Storage units – developed in cooperation with GridPoint Corporation and Saft Batteries – were successfully deployed and commissioned by the Sacramento Municipal Utility District in one of the nation’s largest municipal residential solar projects. As a result of this milestone, another California utility has already placed an order for three of PowerHub’s units with even greater battery capacity.

“Launching and growing PowerHub in Blacksburg has been made easier by the strong relationships in the entrepreneurial community presented by the VT Corporate Research Center,” said Dr. Glenn Skutt, President of PowerHub Systems. “Access to university talent and technology continues to support our growth from this initial prototype demonstration, to opportunities for producing and selling our Community Energy Storage units into the growing smart grid market.”

The Montgomery County Economic Development Department worked with the Virginia Department of Business Assistance to support PowerHub’s expansion. Through the Virginia Jobs Investment Program, the company will receive funding and services to support the recruitment and training for new employees. PowerHub may also be eligible to claim the Virginia Green Jobs Tax Credit on qualifying new jobs created.

“It is exciting to have cutting-edge, green technology developed and manufactured here in Montgomery County,” said Board of Supervisors Chair Jim Politis. “We congratulate PowerHub on its expansion and the potential creation of additional high-tech jobs.”

PowerHub can trace some of its roots back to Virginia Tech. The company’s Cofounder/President Dr. Glenn Skutt , along with Senior Engineer Dr. Tim Thacker, are both graduates of the Center for Power Electronics Systems (CPES) at Virginia Tech. PowerHub also originally leveraged research conducted by CPES dealing with integrated renewable energy systems and vehicle-to-grid technologies.

"Power Hub is a prime example of technology based companies that thrive and grow in Blacksburg. We congratulate them on their success," said Blacksburg Mayor Ron Rordam. "Dynamic and innovative companies like Power Hub are without a doubt the key to our town's economic future."

PowerHub Systems (
Contact: Glenn Skutt, President
Phone: 540-443-9214 x4271

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